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Product Features

Utilizing the often imitated but never equaled 700 series worm gearing combined with new exterior designs, the new stainless steel 700 series performance has been optimized to withstand the harshest washdown conditions! The new line incorporates features that were designed with the input of some of the food processing industries’ leading players to maintain optimal performance in the toughest caustic environments.

All critical dimensions are backwards compatible with the previous stainless steel and our standard cast iron products to ensure plug and play compatibility and easy field retrofitting. The Stainless Speed Reducer is NSF International certified and the Stainless Gearmotor is UL / ULc Certified.

Stainless Steel 700 Series product line blends the best of the old and new.

Speed Reducer:


1. Laser marked nameplate provides worry-free part identification while maintaining a smooth, unetched surface. Rounded housing prevents foreign matter adherence and fluid accumulation.




2. Covers for all hardware and counter bored holes prevent particle accumulation and pooling fluids to optimize washdown efficiency.



3. Double lipped shaft seals ensure superior performance and leak resistance. Optional Stainless Steel Output flange mounting.




4. Two-piece mounting base maintains standard 700 Series footprint and enables the unit to be washed down without trapping foreign matter under the reducer.





5. 303 Stainless Steel output shafts.

6.  Available in hollow and solid output shafts.



7. 316 Stainless Steel housing, motor flange and carrier to withstand tough washdown environments.

8. Flange features (2) jackbolt holes for easy motor dismount. Motor frame sizes: 56C to 180TC.

9. Motor flange design incorporates an O-ring to minimize ingress of particles or fluids.

10. Integral input worm and shaft design made from high strength case hardened alloy steel.

11. High pressure angle on worm provides greater operating efficiency.

12. Large oil reservoir provides highly efficient heat dissipation and lubrication for longer operating life. Up to 20% more oil capacity than standard 700 series.

13. High strength bronze worm gear is straddle mounted between heavy-duty tapered roller bearings to increase thrust and overhung load capacities.


1. Wire leads sealed to housing port.

2. O-Rings between end bells and housing.

3. Wiring diagram laser-marked on housing.

4. Laser-marked motor data.

5. 4-Quadrant drain holes to remove internal condensation.

6.Double lip shaft seals.

7. Smooth exterior with no mounting feet.

8. Rubber gasket to seal off conduit cover.

9. Numbered motor leads for quick and easy installation.

10. Conduit box able to rotate in 90° increments.

Exterior Construction:

300 Series stainless steel housing, end bells, output shaft and conduit box.

Interior Features:
  • Conforms to 2007 EISA efficiency standards
  • Inverter Duty
  • Class F insulation
  • Class “B” rise @ 1.15 service factor
  • Epoxy-coated windings
  • Internally-locked bearings to eliminate unwanted axial movement


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